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Commander Shoplift Prevention System

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Commander Shoplift Prevention System
Requires Baseplate - Not Shown (Sold Separately)

Product Description

The Commanderís sleek dual panel design is ideal for your loss prevention needs. These stylish panels not only provide a firm visual deterrent to shoplifting, they detect non-purchased merchandise up to five feet depending on the tag or label used.


Can detect up to 5 feet between panels. Presents a strong physical deterrent to shoplifting. Doesn't obstruct the merchandising scheme of the store. Power supply included.

Options & Accessories

Pins for Shoplift Prevention Tags $42.71
Lanyards for Shoplift Preventions Tags (100 per pack) $42.71
Replacement 120 VAC / 18 VAC Power Supply $59.78
1.5" Barcode Label, 8.2 MHz. (1000 per roll) $85.40
1.5" Plain Label, 8.2 MHz. (1000 per roll) $85.40
Detacher for Shoplift Prevention Tags $93.95
2" Barcode Labels, 8.2 MHz (2000 per roll) $256.00
2" Plain Labels, 8.2 MHz (2000 per roll) $256.00
Standard Hard Tags, 8.2 MHz (500 per box) $282.00
Standard Hard Tags, 4.6 MHz (500 per box) $282.00
Mini Hard Tags, 8.2 MHz (500 per box) $282.00
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